Fountain KIDS

Helping your kids encounter God’s love in an engaging way

Our goal is to make Fountain KIDS the best hour of your child’s week! Each of our kids’ environments are created to help your child encounter God’s love in an engaging way.

Kids will experience a worship time designed just for them with creative skits and engaging music. They will interact with small group leaders who really care about them. When you arrive, you will be directed to our secure Kids’ Check-In area where you can register your kids and ask any questions. We will make sure your kids are led to the environment designed just for them. One promise we make: Your kids will love it!

Nursery and Preschool

Deep N’ Wide is the ministry for Pre-K kids. In Deep N’ Wide, your children will learn that God’s love for them is deep and wide (Ephesians 3:18). Your kids will learn that Jesus calls them to love God and people the way Christ first loves us; with a Deep N’ Wide love. There are 3 important truths we want every kid to know.

3 important truths

  1. God Made Me!
  2. God Loves Me!
  3. Jesus wants to be my Friend forever!


Lake X-Stream is our ministry for Elementary school students (K-5th grades). Lake X-Stream is a lake adventure-themed worship experience designed just for kids. Your kids will learn Bible stories in a fun environment that looks more like a camping and rafting trip. The worship music is rocking, the Bible teaching is interactive, and each small group leader really cares about each kid. There are 3 important truths we want every elementary kid to know.

3 important truths

  1. I need to make the Wise Choice.
  2. I can Trust God no matter what.
  3. I should Treat Others the way I want to be treated.