Missions Around the World

How The Fountain serving Christ across the globe

Jungle Kids For Christ

This is a Christian school located in the jungle of Ecuador near the Amazon River. This organization is passionate about empowering children in the jungle of Ecuador so that they can break the cycle of poverty and abuse and share a message of transformation with their family, community, country, and world.

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YWAM Yosemite

Bryan and Madison Wozniak are missionaries with YWAM in California. The Fountain supports them as they train and send missionaries to serve Jesus all over the world. Through their discipleship and missions training, we are partnering as they reach new people with the gospel globally.

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Pueblo Pintado Missions

For almost two decades, our church has served the people of the Pueblo Pintado Navajo Indian Reservation in Pueblo Pintado, New Mexico.

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Rise Against Hunger

The Fountain has provided and packed thousands of meals for hungry people all over the world.

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UMCOR helps to bring relief to people in need. They are on the front lines of nearly every war, conflict, or natural disaster throughout the U.S and the world. The Fountain has provided health and emergency buckets, plus financially supported this organization.

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The Water Project

The Fountain helped fund a water well for a community in Kenya through a special Christmas Offering. The Kharanda Primary School now has a water source that regularly brings water to about 500 people.

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